Congregation Agudat Achim

Torah Study Group

The Egalitarian Lay-Led Torah Study Group, now sponsored by Adult Education, will resume activity, with modifications, on Sunday, October 30, 2022, from 7:45 PM – 9:00 PM.

Meetings are scheduled about twice per month, see schedule below. As Health Dept./CDC guidelines allow, we plan on in-person meetings, and rotating homes. Volunteer hosts will plan on offering light refreshments, which may include spirits. When home meetings are not possible, we may resort to Zoom, or the AA Library, depending on circumstances. Check weekly announcements and emails for details.

The basic process of the group will be as follows, subject to adaptation: All genders are welcome, as are all levels of learning. Attendees are asked to read the designated parashah ahead of time, bring a text, such as a Chumash or Tanach, and plan on bringing and sharing ideas, insights, questions, and complaints, regarding the parashah at the meetings. Discussions will be informal and free-ranging. The idea is to enjoy wrestling with Torah and learning from each other.

Check the schedule below, and consider volunteering to host. Contact the current group coordinator, Bob Weissberg, via email, or phone/text 518-331-8918. We will try to schedule hosting a month in advance when possible.


Torah Study Preliminary Schedule

10/30/22 Lech L’cha Host: Bob Weissberg ~ RSVP for Address

11/13/22 Chaye Sarah

12/4/22 Vayishlach

12/25/22 Vayigash

1/8/23 Shemot

1/22/23 Bo

2/4/23 Yitro OR Tu biShvat

2/19/23 Terumah

3/5/23 Ki Tissa OR Esther

3/19/23 Vayikra

4/16/23 Tatzria/Metzora

4/30/23 Emor

5/14/23 Bemidbar

5/28/23 Naso

6/11/23 Shelach

6/25/23 Chukat/Balak

Further meetings may be scheduled, with a break for the Holidays.