Congregation Agudat Achim

We are Hiring

Director of Facilities and Operations

Job posted 19 July 2023; Open for immediate hire, part-time
Exact hours negotiable; Salary range: $28-33k, depending on experience Contact Jackie Rowen, Personnel Committee Chair (, Stephen Schmidt, Synagogue President (, and Rabbi Rafi Spitzer ( for more information and to apply

Our Director of Facilities and Operations is an indispensable part of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making our community function. An ideal candidate is efficient and hardworking, works well with lay leaders, direct reports, and the Program Staff Team, and has experience with office or building administration. Broadly, the responsibilities of this role are to: Oversee synagogue administration, finances (in cooperation with the bookkeeper), and facilities (in cooperation with the custodian). Support other staff members and volunteers in their use of the facilities for congregational events. Work as a team with the Director of Member Engagement and Communications and the Director of Education under the supervision of the rabbi.

What follows is a non-exclusive, more detailed, list of responsibilities:

  1. Ensure the completion of all administrative tasks necessary for the effective functioning of the synagogue.
  2. Provide support in implementing synagogue events, such as Carrot Festival, Catering activities, congregational dinners, outdoor services, etc.
  3. Supervise custodian and his work schedule to ensure maintenance and cleanliness of Synagogue and grounds.
  4. Work with committee chairs, custodian, and kitchen volunteers to ensure programs are set up according to the needs of program leaders.
  5. Review timecards of employees to ensure paychecks match work performed.
  6. Maintain cognizance of all on-duty employee locations and access information.
  7. Maintain an orderly filing system and provide information from files as needed by other staff and committee chairs.
  8. Work with/supervise the bookkeeper to ensure appropriate tracking of income and expenses and preparation of monthly financial statements and payroll functions.
  9. Maintain cognizance of all insurance policies, renewals, claims, assets, and appraisals, and obtain appropriate approvals.
  10. Make deposits of funds in the synagogue’s bank accounts.
  11. Supervision, operation, and/or ordering of all supplies and equipment.
  12. Prepare the weekly service order sheets (also called luah) and work with the custodian to prepare the sanctuary for Shabbat services.
  13. Calendar control for scheduling of functions and clearing of dates.
  14. Arrange for maintenance and upkeep of office equipment and software
  15. Make arrangements for necessary facility repairs or service.
  16. Order memorial plaques (with Rabbi’s aid) and leaf and stone plaques for the Etz Chaim.
  17.  Maintain keys and provide keys to volunteers as needed.
  18.  Maintain building security systems – alarm system, panic buttons, first-responder notification, etc. – and ensure members are trained to use them as needed.
  19.  Coordinate security for High Holidays and other events where security is hired.