Congregation Agudat Achim

José and the Pirate Captain Toledano

José and the Pirate Captain Toledano


October 23, 2022    
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Family film and book night  

23 October 2022, 4:30pm, in-person

Together Arnon and Joshua authored the Graphic Novel:

José and the Pirate Cap­tain Toledano

Arnon Z. Shorr writes books and films where heroes grapple with the extraordinary, and in doing so, learn important truths about themselves. Arnon spent most of his childhood between worlds: an Israeli in America, a private school kid in a rented apartment, etc. For that reason, he tells stories that embrace the peculiar, where encounters with the strange reveal who we are.

Joshua Edelglass’ work has appeared in publications including Tikkun Magazine, and The New Haven Review. His artwork has also appeared in numerous exhibitions, including Pow! Jewish Comics Art and Influence at the Brooklyn Jewish Art Museum.
He has watched Star Trek II more times than is probably healthy.

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