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Congregation Agudat Achim relies on generous donations to supplement its members' dues in order to promote various programs. When considering a donation, please review the options below and click on the PayPal link to process your contribution. We appreciate any support you can provide to our growth and well-being!

Please consider calling the synagogue or send a check by mail to make a payment larger than $100, as PayPal takes a portion of your payment as fees. Donations smaller than $100 are acceptable via this page. Thank you!

Below is a list of funds that you can choose from.


Restricted Funds:

Kathy and Carl Englebardt Hospitality Fund

Biblical Garden

David Feingold



Keren Ami


Prayer Book

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

Religious School Discretionary Fund

The Ruth Seaman Memorial Fund

Youth Activities


Other Funds:

AIDS Project


Catering Project


General Fund

Laura Scheinzeit Cemetery Beautification

Oral History

Shabbat Tot





The Henry Shaffer bequest led to the establishment of the Education Endowment in 1982.

To view a description of many of the Education Endowment funds, click here.


Unrestricted Funds:

Anita Merims Fund

Education Endowment

Dr. Edwin and Judy Brown

Eric Bilgore Gold Youth

George and Sonia Young Fund

Kathryn and Barry Gold Capital

Fred Schneider Memorial Fund

Hutten Family

Irving and Sylvia Yulman

Michael Handelman

Mildred & Martin Becker

Sara and Irving Handelman

Augusta and Samuel Englebardt Fund

Paul Doigan Fund

Samuel Silverman

Restricted Funds:

Adult Education

Alan Westheimer Fund

Dorothy Golub Spira Israel Experience

Joseph Cohen

Paul Gans

Philip Stark Visual Arts

Prager Family Jewish Music

Sadie Schneider Rosh Hodesh Learning Fund

Youth Scholarship


Siddur Dedication:

Please consider dedicating a copy of our Siddur Sim Shalom in memory of a dear one for $25. Provide the necessary information in the "Add special instructioins to recipient" area.

Please make sure to indicate to which fund you are donating and any other information associated with your donation by using the"Add special instructions to recipient" function on the PayPal transaction page.