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Over 120 years of commitment to Conservative Judaism


Coronavirus Update

The synagogue office is currently closed,

but there are many ways you can

connect with us.

For emergency food, groceries, or supplies, please contact

Jewish Family Services of Northeastern New York at


Click here for Meals To Go from our own

As You Like It catering service.

Click here to reserve a time slot in Rabbi Spitzer's schedule

for pastoral care and counseling.

For other assistance or to

make a payment or donation to

Congregation Agudat Achim,

please contact Executive Director

Josh Cooper-Ginsburg

at 518-779-2747.

Seder Meals can be ordered at this link before

5:00 PM on Friday 3 April

CAA Online Programming

includes full (developing) synagogue

and community schedule,

Religious School class schedule,

and other updates, resources, and

information for Passover

Coming up with Congregation Agudat Achim:

  • Wednesday 8 April Erev Pesach / Ta’anit Bekhorot
    • 7:15a Shacharit/Morning Minyan
    • 8:00a Siyum for Ta’anit Bekhorot
    • 9:00a Rabbi Spitzer sells hametz to Rev Sara Baron (live on Agudat Achim’s Facebook page)
    • 10:22a Last time to eat hametz
    • 11:00a Communal Bi’ur Hametz
    • 11:40a Last time to burn hametz
    • Before 7:12p Don’t forget to prepare an eruv tavshilin
    • 7:12p Candle Lighting (it is customary to light a 24hour candle in addition to your Yom Tov candles so that you can transfer flame from it to light the second night)
    • 8:12p First Cup/Seder Begins (in order to celebrate the exodus at the time of day when the exodus happened, it is customary to start after dark-- Rabbi Spitzer will be starting before then)
  • Thursday 9 April -- First Day of Pesach (No Religious School)
    • 10:00a Morning Service by livestream
      • Torah: Exodus 12:21-51; Maftir: Numbers 28:16-25; Haftara: Joshua 3:5-7, 5:2-6:1, 6:27
      • Shir Hashirim Chapter 1
    • 6:30p Community Second Seder
    • 8:13p Candle Lighting/First Cup (it is customary to light a 24hour candle in addition to your Yom Tov candles so that you can transfer flame from it to light the Shabbat candles)
      • Count Omer One
  • Friday 10 April -- Second Day of Pesach
    • 10:00a Morning Service by livestream
      • Torah: Leviticus 22:26-23:44; Maftir: Numbers 28:16-25; Haftara: 2 Kings 23:1-9, 21-25
      • Shir Hashirim Chapter 2
    • 7:15p Candles must be lit before 7:15p
    • 8:15p Count Omer 2
  • Saturday 11 April -- Shabbat Hol Hamoed Pesach
  • Sunday 12 April -- Fourth Day of Pesach (No Religious School)
  • Monday 13 April -- Fifth Day of Pesach
  • Tuesday 14 April -- Erev Yom Tov
    • 7:15a Shacharit/Morning Minyan with Hallel and Musaf
      • Torah: Numbers 9:1-14; Maftir: Numbers 28:19-25
      • Shir Hashirim Chapter 6
    • 12:30p Rabbi Spitzer’s Parashat Hashavua Class
    • 1:30p Mincha/Afternoon Minyan
    • 7:19p Candle Lighting
    • After 3 stars come out (around 8:19p) Count Omer 6
  • Wednesday 15 April -- Seventh Day of Pesach
    • 10:00a Morning Service by livestream
      • Torah: Exodus 13:17-15:26; Maftir: Numbers 28:19-25; Haftara: 2 Samuel 22:1-51
      • Shir Hashirim Chapter 7
    • 8:20p Candle Lighting and Count Omer 7
  • Thursday 16 April -- Eighth Day of Pesach
    • 10:00a Morning Service by livestream
      • Torah: Deuteronomy 15:19-16:17; Maftir: Numbers 28:19-25; Haftara: Isaiah 10:32-12:6
      • Shir Hashirim Chapter 8
    • 8:21p Havdalah and Count Omer 8
    • 9:00p Hametz which you empowered Rabbi Spitzer to sell now becomes available for your use
  • Friday 17 April
    • 7:15a Shacharit/Morning Minyan
    • 1:30p Mincha/Afternoon Minyan
    • 6:00p Kabbalat Shabbat Service on Zoom
    • 7:23p Candle Lighting
    • 8:23p Count Omer 9
  • Saturday 18 April Parashat Shemini / Shabbat Mevarakhim Hahodesh
    • 10:00a Shabbat Morning Service by Livestream
      • Torah: Leviticus 9:1-10:11
      • Haftara: 2 Samuel 6:1-7:17
      • Announce Rosh Hodesh Iyyar
    • 8:24p Havdalah and Count Omer 10

Congregation Agudat Achim is about people

"Tradition and Caring"

These words describe Congregation Agudat Achim and its members. Committed to a traditional pattern of Jewish worship, while sensitive to the spiritual needs of its congregants, our congregation provides opportunities for worship and study to members of all ages. We are a warm, welcoming Conservative egalitarian synagogue located in the Capital District of upstate New York. At Agudat Achim, we have members of all ages and levels of observance. Interfaith families and Jews by choice are an integral part of our congregational family. If you are looking for a congregation in which to grow spiritually, academically, and morally, read about us through this website and then come visit so that we can welcome you to our family, and we can become part of yours.

All are welcome here!

2117 Union Street Schenectady, NY 12309
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