Congregation Agudat Achim

Over 120 years of commitment to Conservative Judaism

Youth Groups

Youth Groups provide a wide variety of programs and activities. Lifelong friendships and memories are created through participation in these terrific programs.

At Agudat Achim we have two groups for our youth Kadima and USY.


United Synagogue Youth, or USY, is the youth group associated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. USY is divided into three levels: the chapter, the region and international USY.  Our region, the Tzafon Region of USY , is composed of chapters from all over Upstate NY. The third level is the international level, made up of all the regions from all over the United States and Canada. Across this area, there are seventeen regions.

Our USY Chapter Shalom Ha-tzafon has its own Facebook page. You can view it here.


Kadima is our youth group for children of elementary school age. More information is available through the synagogue office or Youth Vice President Jeffrey Shapiro.