Congregation Agudat Achim

Over 120 years of commitment to Conservative Judaism


Our minyan meets one or two times daily for communal prayer in our beautiful and historic chapel. Led by our lay leaders, our egalitarian minyan support congregants and guests in fulfilling the commandment of praying to God daily and the duty of reciting the Kaddish when in mourning or on the anniversary date of the passing of a loved one (yahrzeit).

Your support in attending minyan is essential, as we cannot recite the full service, including Kaddish, without ten adult Jews (above Bar/Bat Mitzvah age). So whether it is once a day, once a week, once a month, or when your schedule allows it, please make the effort to join us. Please review our current minyan schedule and make an effort to join us. It is a short time out of your day, which truly makes a big difference.

For a refresher on the weekday liturgy, please click here.

To review the Mourner's Kaddish, please click here.

Service Schedule

Due to the pandemic, revision of our weekday minyan schedule was required. Until further notice, please join us via Zoom for daily minyan services. There are no weekday services being held in the synagogue at this time. You may find the schedule of services and link to the Zoom room on our Calendar page, by clicking the link here, or the Calendar tab above.

Religious Services <-- Zoom Link

New Minyan Schedule (updated by Ritual Committee, effective May 27, 2020)

                           Sunday            Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday                   Friday

Shacharit           8:30am             7:15am             7:15am              7:30am                7:15am                     7:15am

Mincha               7:15pm             7:15pm             1:30pm              7:15pm                7:15pm              Changing times  

Maariv                Upon request              7:15pm                 Upon request                                       with Kabbalat Shabbat

Wednesday morning minyan is held in conjunction with Temple Israel of Scranton:                                Password: 1921

Shabbat: 9:45am by Livestream on YouTube and our Live Stream page

               Havdalah service on Zoom, changing times each week

In order to attend services on Shabbat, please email or call the synagogue office at 518-393-9211. Registration is currently required for contact tracing and health and safety purposes.

Minyan Requests

If you need a minyan for a yahrzeit, please call 518-393-9211 or by email two or three days in advance and bring relatives and friends with you. Together we will try to ensure the presence of a minyan to help you fulfill this important mitzvah.