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Men's Club

The Men’s Club is an auxiliary organization of Congregation Agudat Achim.  Our primary purpose is to provide social, educational, cultural and spiritual services for the men of the Congregation, as well as for the broader community. While we provide opportunities for men in our congregation to gather together for fellowship, recreation, personal growth and mutual support, we also work to support the mission, services and activities of the Congregation.

Join the Men's Club each month for breakfast, schmooze and a speaker. You don't have to be a member of the Men's Club to participate. Everyone is welcome to come and hear the speaker at no charge.

Come join us and share the fun and camaraderie of our events. We are always looking for fresh ideas for religious, social, and service oriented events and projects.

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2010 Championship Softball Team


To pay your Men's Club dues us the paypal "Donate Now" button below. You choose the amount you want to spend. 

$18 (Basic Membership), or

$36 (Men’s Club Mensch), or

$54 (Men’s Club Mitzvah)


$36 (Men’s Club Mensch), or
$54 (Men’s Club Mitzvah)